Aberfeldy 1989 Gordon and MacPhail

This 1989 edition of the Highland favourite was bottled in 1989 as a replacement to the previous 1988 vintage in the Connoisseur’s choice range from Gordon and MacPhail. At 43 %, this juicy single malt is a one of a kind for our collection with only a single bottle currently in stock.

A true piece of Scottish and whisky heritage and the perfect addition to any collector or connoisseur’s cabinet.

History of the Aberfeldy Distillery

Founded in 1896, Aberfeldy Distillery was opened by John Dewar and Sons- a name synonymous with excellence in Scottish whisky. The Distillery was and still is located on the eastern outskirts of the town it is named after Aberfeldy.

A demand for barley as a ration during world war 1 and world war 2 lead to two untimely closings of the distillery. However, to not stop the supply of whisky entirely, the resting time of whisky was reduced from 7 years to 3.

1972 saw the distillery being enlarged with the old copper stills being replaced by four new steam heated mills. 1999 was the year the first 12 year old single malt brand was introduced.

In the year 2000, the Earl of Elgin opened ‘Dewar’s World of Whisky’ at the Aberfeldly Distillery. This addition to the distillery is a centre for marketing and teaching the public regarding the distillation process and the long history of Dewar’s brand. Aberfeldly makes up the largest malt whisky product range of Dewar’s Blended Whisky.

About Aberfeldly

Aberfeldly distillery relies on the fresh water stream Pitillie Burn which runs alongside the distillery. This water source is only used by Aberfeldly which gives it a unique, distinctive taste.

The San Francisco World Spirits Competition has awarded the Aberfeldy 12- and 21-year whiskies a series of impressive medals, with the 12-year winning three golds and three silvers between 2007 and 2012 and the 21-year winning three golds, a double gold, and two bronze medals over the same time frame


The nose of this particular dram is full of honeyed notes. Pear, malt and pineapple fill the glass with fruity, pungent aromas throughout.


After that first initial sip, a welcomed and familiar taste of golden syrup dances on the palate. This sweet and sticky note is followed up by sharper, citrus tastes of lemon. Undernotes of orange and even mint subtly make their way into this complex range of flavours.


A medium finish sees the return of flavours such as honey and golden syrup. The sharper tastes are less evident here, with the warmer tastes taking centre stage.

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