Aberlour 1989 Millennium Dunnage Reserve for Jock Deans

The Abelour 1989 Millennium Dunnage Reserve for Jock Deans was bottled to celebrate the millennium. This version of France’s most popular single malt was distilled in 1989 and has been maturing ever since.

Aberlour released 345 Single Casks of 360 bottles each as “Dunnage Matured. The 1989 Vintage was released just before New Year’s Eve 2000.The bottles are labelled with the name of the contract holder – Jock Deans This one is Bottle no 045/360.

There is no doubt that this bottle is a highly sought after, collectable whisky that would be a fine addition to any whisky aficionado’s collection.

About the Aberlour Distillery

Aberlour was founded by the son of a farmer- James Fleming. His father supplied grain to local distilleries so whisky was on young James’s mind from a young age. The spring water found trickling over the granite mass of Ben Rinnes was unusually and exceptionally pure and soft.

This was optimal for the creation of whisky and so Fleming constructed the perfect distillery from scratch, his dream in mind to create the finest Speyside single malt of them all.

Aberlour is associated with one motto that was popularised by the distillery ‘let the deed show’. What this means is that through continued hard work and contribution, an excellent level of whisky can be achieved.

Fleming was a philanthropist as well as whisky pioneer, reciprocating to Aberlour the place that gave him so much to him with an equal amount of generosity. Fleming paid for the creation of a town hall, a cottage hospital and the money for a bridge in his will.

Awards Won by the Aberlour Distillery

Aberlour whiskies have achieved success world-wide, even achieving several awards and credits along the way. Some of the awards won by the whisky that have been awarded by the San Francisco Word Spirits Competition are:

10-year: Double gold medal, prior to 2004

12-year: Gold medal, 2007; silver medal 2011

15-year: Double gold medal, prior to 2004

16-year: Double gold medal,2007;Silver medal,2009;Double gold medal,2011

18-year: Double gold medal, 2011

A’bunadh: Silver medals,2007,2008,2009 and 2011.

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