Arran 20 Years Old 1996 – White Stag Second Release

In the 1800’s, there were many small stills found across the island, although a small amount of them were legal. Arran has always prided itself on being a place that makes exceptional whisky, keeping their quality the same consistently.

In 2016, they celebrated their 21st anniversary, and christened ‘Rowan House’ a brand-new blending building in the grounds of their current distillery.

Arran 20 Years Old 1996 – White Stag Second Release

This single cask bottling is aged in a Sherry butt from September 1996 to October 2016. This bottle is one of Arran’s most prestigious and most sought-after bottle of whisky and is highly collectable.

Bottled at 49% ABV, this bottle is a real stunner. With its unique bottle design and what’s inside, it’s any collectors dream.


The nose is an interesting mix, feeling quite electric which is quite typical of Arran – especially with is citrus and orange notes. What can also be noted is the black cherries and figs. This is a very floral batch, leaving a quite pleasant nose overall.

You can even note traces of marmalade and honey cake, and floral jasmine notes float through towards the end. Like we said, it leaves a pleasant overall nose.


The palate is quite creamy and incredibly complex, with the hint of vanilla and sweet spices like cinnamon and nutmeg. You can really notice the dark chocolate that emerges after the vanilla, accompanied with hints of cherry and figs.

This palate is quite luxurious with its many layers of fruit and dark chocolate notes. Hints of tropical and fresh fruits are very front and centre towards the end of the palate, leaving you feeling refreshed.


A long and delightful finish with this whisky, which lives up highly to expectations. The orange, cherry and fig elements linger lovingly on the palate, which leaves a pleasant overall experience.

The overall finish experience is very robust and intriguing, which isn’t unlike the usual Arran whisky blends. This is definitely one for any whisky enthusiast to add to their collection.

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