Black and White

Black and White is a whisky synonymous with quality for its grainy, citrusy taste that has performed exceptionally within the UK and worldwide since its founding by Canadian born James Buchanan in 1884. The blended whisky was originally called House of Commons whisky before being renamed by the owner.

The legend says that the whisky baron James Buchanan picked a black Scottie dog and a white Westie (West Highland terrier), to be his brand mascots after visiting a dog show. The pair of lovable Scottish pooches were widely used in advertising before they appeared on the label of the best-selling Black & White – a whisky well known for its light and simple taste with a clean, citrus edge.

First introduced in the late 19th century and at one time drank by James Bond himself in Ian Fleming’s Moonraker, today Black and White is popular around the world in countries such as India, South Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean.

About the Distillery

James Buchanan & Co. was one of the ‘Big Five’ producers controlled by one of the great whisky Barons Mr James Buchanan himself. Under Buchanan’s attentive guidance, the company grew in just two decades from a one-man operation into an international distributor of Scotch whisky through its Buchanan’s and Black & White brand, which are still two of the most recognisable brands currently available today. Buchanan’s is now owned by British multinational alcoholic beverage company, Diageo.

The company also owns Smirnoff, Johnnie Walker, Baileys and Guinness.


The first whiff of this complex blend boasts aromas of molten caramel and some sherry. An oily undernote along with almonds, honey and leathery notes are sure to fill up the senses. You’ll be left with the smell of Caramac and an urge for that first sip.


A complex taste which is unusual for a blend. The distinct flavours of malt and again sherry return and pack quite a mouthful. A peppery honey glazed taste will dance on the palate.


Finishing notes consist of smoke, a gentle soot, dark chocolate and vanilla. The finishing on this particular dram is lengthy and sure to leave you craving another sip.

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