Bruichladdich Feis Ile 2016 PHD

Having been matured for fourteen years in ex bourbon sherry and French wine casks has given this malt a truly distinctive body and flavour.

This particular whisky is the favoured drink for many visitors to Bruichladdich’s famous Laddieday, a festival of good whisky, music and the traditional Islay pipe bands that you would expect.

Be part of an exclusive club of only 1881 owners of this hard to come by malt, and experience all the flavour of the festival through a sip of this distinctive single malt.

About the Bruichladdich Distillery

A native of the world famous Islay Island in Scotland, the distillery produces mainly single malt scotch whisky and has done since its 1881 opening. The Harvey brothers were a dynastic whisky family responsible for creating the distillery on the shore of Loch Indaal, on the Rinns of Islay.

The distillery was the third build in the brothers’ trifecta of distilleries and brought with is a state of the art approach to whisky production. Rather than a converted barn housing the distillery, it was built from stone from the sea shore with a very efficient layout.

The distillery changed several hands over its years of operations, but it now under the control of French brandy company Remy Cointreau, who bought the distillery for a reported £58m.

The distillery exclusively produces single malts, with both unpeated and heavily peated whiksies being available. The distillery’s Octomore is often considered to be ‘the most heavily peated single malt whisky in the world’.

All barley used is sourced from Scotland some of which has been growing on the Isle of Islay since 2004.  The whisky distillery has a long term commitment to the Island of Islay, a commitment that is recognised through the marketing and presentation of products.


A sweet and uplifting smell, citrus and light honey notes make their way into the present aromas with even a more subtly hint of coffee beans.


Following up on the sweet expectations created by the nose of this tipple, a rather dry and gingery taste of tangerine comes through. This whisky is sure to keep your taste buds guessing.


A medium finish with the dryer tastes being favoured. You are sure to be left with notes of ginger in your mouth.

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