Cragganmore 14 Year Old Friends of the Classic Malt

Whisky Collectables have In stock two different bottles from Cragganmore’s 14 Year Old Friends of the Classic Malt collection available for your purchase today. Currently on offer, we have the 2600 and 200 numbers of this particular whisky, both of which deliver massively in the way of taste and prestige.

These special edition Cragganmore bottles were distilled for the Diageo’s whisky fanclub – the Friends of the Classic Malts. At 14 years old, this malt has been maturing for 2 years longer than the classic 12 year edition and take it from us a lot can happen in 2 years.

About the Cragganmore Distillery

!869 was the year it all started. John Smith established the distillery, bringing to the project his wealth of experience in distilling whisky. Previously Smith had been a former manager of Macallan, Glenlivet and Wishaw distilleries- an impressive set of distilling credentials.

John Smith managed to twist the arm of his Landlord, allowing him to lease a small plot of land with the purpose of building the distillery from scratch.

1887 is the first year a batch of ‘whisky special’ leaves the Ballindalloch Station for Aberdeen, loaded with over 300 casks of Cragganmore.

From there on the distillery faced several problems along the way including shutting and reopening twice for both world wars and the owner Gordon Smith dying in 1912.

Needless to say this distillery has continued to roll with the punches and progress over the years to the point it is at now.


The moment this bottle is uncorked a fresh, lemony smell is sure to fill the room and your nostrils. A level of spice is attached to the fruity hit provided by the lemony aromas.


The spicy citrus first whiff develops into a smoothly, tangy citrus hit for the first sip. Sharp but well balanced flavours rest on the palate, this whisky presents plenty of complex tasting note opportunities.


The finish for this whisky is surprising, the strong citrus taste does not linger or leave a bitter taste but rather amounts to a quick finish. You’ll be sure to pour another measure of this intriguing malt in no time.

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