Dewar’s Traveler’s Pack x 20cl

A unique offering of three great tasting blended whiskies courtesy of Dewar. The package contains a 12 year old, 40% abv blend, 18 year old 40% blend and a signature blend coming in at 40% also. The travellers pack comes in a leather clad traveller’s pack making them a great to look at as they are to taste.

Dewar is a blended whisky known for its superior taste with the more than 500 medals earned in international competitions. This makes it the world’s most awarded blended scotch whisky. With these kind of credentials, you know with Dewar you getting the very best.

This whisky collection is highly collectable and massively sought after so we suggest anyone interested keep their eye on this product because we will not have it for long.

About the Dewar Distillery

The Dewar whisky brand was created by John Dewar Sr. in 1846. Dewar’s two sons John A Dewar Jr, and Thomas ‘Tommy’ Dewar took over controllership of the brand and helped expand the whisky and enter the global market. By 1896 Dewar’s were a significant player in the whisky game.

Tommy went on to become the author of the travel journal Ramble Round The Globe. The journal documented Tommy’s journeys around the world as he promoted the Dewar whisky brand. The product was eventually expanded through the creation of the Aberfeldly Distillery in 1896.

The company joined Distillers company in 1925 which was eventually acquired by Guinness in 1986. Guinness is now owned by major alcoholic drink producer Bacardi.

In 1987, numerous cases of still perfect Dewar’s scotch whisky were recovered by underwater archaeologists from the shipwreck of the SS Regina, which had been sunk in Lake Huron in 1913.

The Taste Profile

Being such an award winning blended scotch, it comes as no surprise that the flavour profile for Dewar’s whiskies are rich and complex. The nose of these whiskies is well balanced with notes of honey, oak and vanilla present throughout the collection. Your palate is sure to be entertained and challenged with vanilla, honey and a subtle smokiness dominating your taste buds. A medium, finish will leave you with a taste in your mouth but not an overwhelming one, ready for the next sip.

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