Dimple 1890 50cl

The Dimple 1890 50 cl is a rare and unique whisky created to replicate the original Dimple 1890. Originally manufactured by John Haig & Co Ltd, the distillery is now owned by Diageo which is incidentally the world’s largest spirits company. The Dimple 1890 is a blended Scotch and presented in a 50 cl bottle at an ABV of 40 %. It is remarkable that the exceptional quality whisky has been re-created thanks to its authenticity and brilliance.

The Dimple is so named due its bottle design bearing a depression on the back surface, which appears stylish and elegant to the eye. The black sturdy bottle is classy and comes packaged in a neat black case.

About Haig Distillery

The Haig family is the oldest distilling family of Scotland. As early as 1655 Robert Haig was known for distilling whisky and was reprimanded by church elders for distilling whisky on a Sabbath. This incident has been recorded in whisky history.

The distillation was nevertheless continued by his off springs. John Haig the great, great grandson of Robert Haig married Margaret Stein of the reputed Stein family who owned distilleries in the Kilbagie and Kennetpans areas of the Lowlands of Scotland. 

This alliance cemented the relationship between the two distilling families and their connection with Scotch whisky. Upon the sudden demise of John Haig, his five sons were trained under the tutelage of their maternal grandfather. He taught them the art of distillation and the nuances of whisky making.

In due course, John Haig the grandson of the deceased John Haig established the Cameronbridge Distillery in Fife and founded the John Haig & Co in 1824. In 1877 John Haig & Co merged with five other grain distillers to form the Distillers Company Ltd (DCL). DCL eventually acquired John Haig & Co in 1919. DCL morphed into Diageo and John Haig & Co operates as a non functional subsidiary.

A single grain whisky called Haig Club was launched in 2014 in association with David Beckham and Simon Fuller. This was done in recognition of the Haig’s distilling heritage and its patronage to the whisky world.

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