Famous Grouse 16 Year Old

Famous Grouse 16 year old is an intense blend of eight whiskies which are married and finished in a combination of first-fill Spanish sherry oak and first-fill American bourbon casks. A whisky that is both rich and spicy in flavour with a well-developed flavour profile.

This bottle boasts a unique appearance as well as a distinct taste. The grouse featured on the front of the bottle has been reimagined by illustrator Vic Lee.



About The Famous Grouse Distillery

Famous Grouse was founded by Matthew Gloag a grocer and wine merchant in Perth, Scotland. Gloag purchased whiskies from several different distilleries and when Queen Victoria visited Perth in 1842, he was given the task of supplying the wine for the royal visit.

In 1860, Gloag’s son William took ovet the company and started producing blended whiskies. In 1896, William’s nephew named Matthew took over the company and first created a brand called ‘The Grouse’ named after Scotland’s national game bird. The name was eventually changed to ‘The Famous Grouse’ in 1905. The daughter of Matthew Gloag Philippa designed the iconic label for the Grouse bottle.

In 1970, Matthew Gloag & Son, owned by the Gloag family, was sold to Highland Distillers after the death of the chairman, Matthew Frederick Gloag. The forward thinking marketing and distribution of the company saw Famous Grouse become the highest selling Scotch in Scotland by 1980 and the second highest selling in the United Kingdom. From the 1980s the brand began to be exported overseas, where it now sells over 2 million cases annually. In 1984 The Famous Grouse was awarded the official Royal Warrant


A very rich nose indeed. Poached pears, runny caramel and sweet notes along with Victoria sponge cake come through the moment the bottle is first opened.


The sweet and fruity notes of pears and caramel return, strong notes of cinnamon and nutmeg build a spicy flavour profile which adds to the overall depth and warmth of this particular tipple.


A long lasting, spicy finish with the flavours of nutmeg and cinnamon dominating. The complexity of this blend will be sure to have you reaching for the bottle in no time.

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