Glen Garioch 1978-2012 34 year old

Originally distilled in 1978,  the Glen Garrioch 1978 was made to mark a historic time in the history of Glengarioch whisky- the year The Greenhouse project was green lit. The project warmed an acre of glasshouses and poly-tunnels as well as providing enough energy for the whole distillery, the result of this was the distillery became nearly as famous for their root vegetables as they were for their signature smoky libation.

This particular bottle has been aging for 34 years now, in that time the rich flavours of wood like spice, dark chocolate and Seville orange have matured into a truly fantastic taste.

About the Glen Garioch Distillery

Established in 1797 by John and Alexander Mason, the distillery came from humble beginnings in Oldmeldrum amidst ‘The Granary of Aberdeenshire’- a valley famous for producing the finest barley in all of the Highlands.

 In Oldmeldrum, barley and crystal springs have been found in abundance for over a thousand years, for whisky distillers, this land is sacred.

It comes as no surprise that in 1797, the distillery was amongst the first ever operating distilleries in Scotland. Times haven’t always been easy for the distillery, as recently as 1968, production at the distillery was suspended for four years due to a national water shortage.

The only reason production recommenced was due to owners at the distillery stumbling onto ‘The silent Spring’. A neighbouring farm was found to still have a water source in the form of a spring. Prior to the discovery, things were not looking good for the Glen Garioch company and since then the spring’s discovery has reached legendary status. 

The distillery nowadays is It is operated by Morrison Bowmore Distillers, which is owned by the Japanese company Suntory.


Spicy, fruity and lots of ash. Herbal honey paves an unexpected way for undernotes of new leather and dusty book shelves turning up. 


A strong hit of woodspice followed by Glace cherries, leather and Seville orange peel. This taste is oh so long with woodspice being the dominating flavour. Despite the dominating taste of spice, this tipple is perfectly balanced.


The woodspice remains but with the introduction of flavours such as cinnamon and green peppers. A hell of a lot of long lasting spice but also candied fruits such as orange marmalade lingers on the tongue.

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