Grand Old Parr Blended Scotch Whisky

A blended whisky with one of the most unique stories around, Grand Old Parr whisky is a legendary whisky which is no longer distributed in the United Kingdom despite being owned, distilled and distributed by Diageo, a British drinks company. Instead, Old Parr whisky is most appreciated and easiest to find in export markets like Japan, Mexico, the United States and across South America.

The core 12-year-old still enchants whisky-lovers across the world today, as one of the premier deluxe blends in its signature square and crackled brown glass bottle.

The Grand Old Parr Story

The story behind the name of the legendary Old Parry whisky comes from the whisky industry’s obsession with longevity, even if the whisky is relatively young compared to others. The two founding Greenlees brothers from London decided to dub their blended scotch whisky mix after the legend of Old Tom Parr, a man who is said to have been Britain’s oldest man when he died in 1635 at the impressive age of 152.

In this way, the two brothers immediately gave Old Parr whisky a recognisable face, helping establish a bit of history for the relatively young whisky.

The History Behind Old Parr Whisky

Many famous whiskies like John Haig & Co had already celebrated their centenaries by the time Grand Old Parr whisky was first sold in 1909. Despite this, Old Parr whisky quickly became a top seller across London before finding even more success in export markets overseas. As Old Parr whisky took off, the founding Greenlees brothers began a series of mergers before being acquired by Distillers Company in 1925.

Distillers Company was later acquired by Guinness, which merged to form Diageo in 1997. Old Parr whisky is still owned, distilled and distributed by Diageo today.

Old Parr Whisky’s Colombian Adoration

It was in the 1950s that Old Parr whisky was first exported to Latin America, and it was in Colombia that Old Parr struck like lightning and was immediately adored. Since then, Old Parr whisky has become the whisky of choice in Colombia, with the brand ceasing its distribution in the UK and Europe by the 1980s.

By 2009-2010, the Grand Old Parr 12 Year Old held an astoundingly dominating 52 percent of the Scotch whisky market in Colombia.

Grand Old Parr Whisky Releases

The Grand Old Parr 12 Year Old that dominates the Colombian market is the core bottle for the Old Parr whisky brand. In 1989, the 18-year-old Old Parr Superior was launched while the Old Parr Elizabethan and Old Parr Tribute extensions were dropped. However the Colombian market’s thirst couldn’t be quenched for long, and in 2014 Old Parr Tribute is re-released in Colombia.

Just last year, a new and vividly colourful limited edition Old Parr bottle was launched to celebrate Colombia’s Carnival of Barranquilla.

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