Highland Park Fire

This particular series tells the story of the apocalyptic battle between the Gods and the fire and Ice Giants. Where the old world was destroyed in a blazing ball of fire and a new world protruded from the ashes.

28,000 bottles of Fire Edition were released in its wake, encased in a crimson bottle and a magnificent cradle. This creation is legendary, its story travelling for miles and being shared between generations.


220 years ago, in Orkney Scotland, Highland Park whiskey was born. Inspired by their Viking roots, highland park whisky is a recreation of what they stood for. Our island, just off the coast of Scotland, has harsh weather conditions – this is what we try to recreate with our whisky’s.

Our founders have created the grounds for us to continue in their legacy, the Highland Park whisky that we all know and love today. The Highland Park fire and ice edition is a stormy and exciting series that looks deeply into their heritage – leaving us enticed by its incredible taste and superb packaging.


The nose is very intense and warm from the offset. It swallows you in and wraps itself around your senses. You catch hints of malt and wine, the port influence making itself very apparent.

Once the nose opens up further, you notice other hints of cinnamon and oak. This isn’t for the light-hearted…


The port influence, again, is very apparent here too. From the moment the whisky touches your tongue, you taste the port more than any other aspect. It is incredibly loud, and if you’re not quite a fan of port, this could be incredibly unbearable.

Dry and sweet notes linger within the rest of the palate, making it slightly bitter. Plums, red grapes and a lightly charred oak presence arises, lingering within the port influence. The burn you experience with this whisky is short and mild, with lingering dry notes of chocolate and hints of fresh mint.


Like mentioned before, if you don’t enjoy port then this whisky might not be the best bet for you. Although, this doesn’t feel like any old port, as it shouldn’t. This whisky is incredibly rich and dry, with the port and oaky influences becoming more and more apparent with each taste.

This edition is completely the opposite to its counterpart, Ice, which of course makes sense. With its brassy and oak type finish, this is quite more in your face than the Ice edition, which might not be to everyone’s tastes.

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