Highland Park Ice Limited Edition

A follow on from the Valhalla collection, the Ice limited edition represents a two-part bottling, celebrating the Viking sagas recorded in the oldest recorded Norse poems, the Poetic Edda. Incredibly desired by all whisky aficionados, the Highland Park Whiskey ‘Ice’ had a total of 30,000 released and made available for sale.

About The Ice Series

One out of the two-part series, the Ice is mostly resembled to its predecessor “Freya”, the 17-year-old whiskey was released in honour of the Ice Realm of Elivagar and the well of Hvergelmir. There are Nine Worlds in Norse mythology, but this two-part series is completed by Highland Park Whiskey Fire Edition, featuring a “Fire” bottle as the second part of this series.

The Bottles In The Previous Valhalla Series

  • Highland Park Thor
  • Highland Park Loki
  • Highland Park Freya
  • Highland Park Odin

History of the Highland Park Distillery

The Highland Park distillery was established in 1798. Rather than popular belief, it’s not named after the Scottish Highlands, but rather after an area called “High Park” close by. As it is one of the few distilleries left that still uses a variety of traditional methods today, Highland Park believes in local and handmade resources for their whisky making. From malting part of the barley they use to blending locally cut peat with heather to use as fuel, Highland Park has always retained the importance of whisky-making traditions.

Highland Park Ice

Matured mostly in bourbon casks, it’s profile is most resembling to Freya, although this release is in honour of the Ice Realm of Niflheim.

Incredibly made for those who love a unique kind of finish, the Highland Park Ice is a very different whiskey. Featuring a clear colour, free of any additives with a pleasant and appealing finish.

Nose: Resplendent aromas of cool, fresh pineapples and shards of smoke give way to a hefty kick of root ginger.

Palate: Just like the Ice Giants, this palate is powerful yet mellifluous. True to Highland Parks style, peat smoke is entwined with hints of vanilla and even molten orris root.

Finish: The creamy and rich oily finish snowballs into long lingering woodiness and dry, feverish spices, providing a harmonious whisky to have and to hold.

Visit Whisky Collectables and Own the Highland Park Whiskey Ice Today

Created by Highland Park, the Highland Park Ice is the definition of whiskey innovation, giving the owner a unique and unrivalled connection to Highland Park distillery’s history.

If you’d like to own the Highland Park Ice, visit the Whisky Collectables website today. If this particular bottle doesn’t quite suit your tastes, be sure to take a look at the second part of this series, the Fire edition, or even researching into the Valhalla series for a something similar as we’re certain we have a bottle to your exact liking. Or feel free to contact us to find that special whisky you can’t find anywhere else!