Highland Park Odin 16 Year Old

The Highland Park Odin 16 Year Old has struck a chord with whisky aficionados across the globe. This formidable whisky has turned out to be an overnight sensation all credit to its unique character and complex flavours.

Like its predecessors- Thor, Loki and Freya the Highland Park Odin 16 Year Old bears the name of a mythical Nordic God Odin. Odin is considered to be the ‘furious one’ and the strongest of all Norse Gods. This Scotch whisky takes after its namesake and is utterly intense and powerful.

The Highland Park Distillery which has brewed and produced the magnificent Odin is one of the oldest distilleries of Scotland with a rich Nordic history and heritage. The Odin has been aged for 16 years and is the fourth and the final bottling of the Valhalla Collection.

Tasting Notes for Highland Park Odin 16 Year Old

Nose: The nutmeg, liquorice and cinnamon bark emanate a bitter sweet aroma and perfectly blend with the toasted walnuts and subtle heather. Sweet floral notes make a pleasant appearance. Fresh smells of sultanas and dried fruit are big on the senses. An underlying fragrance of smoke offers comfort and warmth.

Palate: Charred walnuts in combo with the peat delight you all the way. Flavours of dark chocolate gradually open up along with juicy dried fruit of plums and orange peel. The rich texture and taste promises to tingle your taste buds. Sinfully delicious and sweet the whisky is one hell of a dram sure to take your breath away.

Finish: The sweetness lingers on before dying out into the dark woody embers. Plum and soft fruit wave their goodbyes and leave you craving for more. Fruity, sweet and spicy the whisky is such a treat to the palate and offers you a complete sense of satisfaction.

The Highland Park Odin 16 Year Old is presented in a pitch black bottle and rests snugly in the comfort of a super attractive black wooden cradle, typical of the Valhalla releases. The alcohol volume features a strong 55.8 %. The remarkable whisky has attained a well deserved place in the hearts and minds of die hard whisky fans thanks to its unbeatable taste and quality.

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