Johnnie Walker King George V Decanter

Presented in a decanter fit for a king, this particular dram and its limited edition presentational box were commissioned to celebrate the royal warrant granted to John Walker and Sons ltd. The warrant allowed the whiskey to be supplied to the British Royal Household in 1934 and signifies a historic moment for the whisky’s continued popularity. The warrant is still held up to this day.

The purpose of the decanter is to allow the owner of the whisky to taste and enjoy the blend like the man John walker himself would have done all them years ago. There is no doubt the Johnnie Walker King George V Decanter would be a welcome piece to any whisky lover’s collection.

About the Johnnie Walker Distillery

Currently owned by the world’s second largest brewing company Diageo, Johnnie Walker originates from the Scottish town of Kilmarnock, East Ayrshire. The town centre of Kilmarnock 1820 is where creator John Walker began distributing the whisky as a boy on behalf of the local grocery store.

Later on John Walker turned his hand to brewing the distinctive Smokey blend and production continued up until as recent as 2012. Johnnie Walker is currently the number one distributed blend of scotch whisky in the world, sold in almost 200 different countries. On average, 6 bottles of Johnnie walker Blended Scotch Whisky are sold every second.

Johnnie Walker scotch whisky has been winning international quality awards since 1879, last year the whisky picked up 11 awards at the International Whisky Competition. Amongst the awards was a second win for Jim Beveridge as Master Blender who was awarded the title for the second year running.


Smoke and spice on the nose with undernotes of bitter Seville orange and cracked black marmalade. An interesting twist on the classic smoky nose associated with the scotch. Filling your nose with a long hard whiff is sure to get your mouth ready for a smoky kick.


A bold hit of fruit dances on the palette. It is at this point you taste the return of the marmalade along with the black pepper. A woody, smoky taste along with allspice linseed oil undercuts all the flavours leaving a lasting note.


The finishing notes for this blend will leave you with a mouthful of butterscotch and black pepper. Full bodied and wonderfully rich. You will find yourself reaching for the decanter in no time.

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