Jura 1995 Boutique Barrels Diurachs’ Exclusive

The Jura 1995 Boutique Barrels Diurachs’ Exclusive is a superb tipple, bottled at natural cask strength, it boast an impressive flavour profile as well as 56 % abv-not one to be taken lightly.

Distilled in 1995, this whisky is more than 23 years in the making. In that time the flavour has developed and matured to a massively complex malt whisky, deserving of its place as part of Jura’s Boutique Barrels range.

This particular bottle is signed by the long serving distillery manager Willie Cochrane, whose impressive career at the Jura distillery lasted 39 years.

About The Jura Distillery

The Jura distillery is a scotch whisky distillery situated on the island of Jura in the inner Hebrides off of the West Coast of Scotland. The distillery is currently owned by scotch whisky giant Whyte and Mackay, which is owned by Emperador Inc.

The distillery was initially founded in 1810 and faced tough times before eventually having to be rebuilt in the early 1960’s by two local estate owners Robin Fletcher and Tony Riley-smith.

The architect William Delme-Evans was employed to reimagine the distillery. The architect introduced taller stills and other manufacturing components which allowed for the distillery to create different malts and brought them into the future.

About Willie Cochrane

 A legend when it comes to scotch whisky without a doubt. The young Cochrane arrived at the island of Jura as a mechanic with the intention of only staying for a year. Here he fell in love with the process of producing scotch whisky and continued his career for a total of 39 consecutive years.

Graham Logan, the newly appointed distillery manager said: “Nobody embodies Jura’s spirit quite like Willie, so it’s a fitting tribute to a man who has contributed so much to our small, but passionate island. I’ll be raising a glass alongside the rest of the community as we wave Willie off on his next adventure.”

A man that has given so much of his life to whisky has to be recognised, his signature on this bottle makes it a must have for any whisky lover or malt aficionado.


A truly tangy, tarty experience with hints of all spice. Rich tastes of vanilla and cocoa butter along with a spicy kick of cinnamon will keep your nose guessing.


A very rich palate indeed. Toasted almonds, marzipan and the return of allspice dance on your tongue with even more spicy cinnamon making its way into the equation.


 A long finish that is beautifully rich and spicy. Definitely not one to be missed.

There is no doubt that this exclusive member of the Jura family would be the perfect addition to any whisky collector’s liquor cabinet.

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