Kavalan Solist Ex-Bourbon black box bottle no 116/187 70cl

Solist is German for ‘Soloist’, which in this case refers to the fact that this expression is from Kavalan‘s single cask range

The name Solist derives from the German word ‘Soloist’, The name being recognition of the bottle belonging to Kavlan’s single cask range. The Taiwanese Distiller’s ex-bourbon cask releases are well known for delivering on quality, having won gold medals at both The International Spirits Challenge (ISC) and The International Wine and Spirits Competition (IWSC). With such a recognised name in the current whisky market, you know when it comes to the Ex-Bourbon range you are in safe hands.

About Kavlan Distillery

The distillery draws its name from the indingenous Kavlan people, who originally inhabited the Kablan Plain of modern day Yilan County. The Kavalan Distillery opened its doors in 2005, with their first spirit being produced in 2006. Within five years of operations, the Distillery was named by Whisky Magazine as The World Icons of Whisky ‘Whisky visitor attraction of the year’ for 2011.

The Future of Whisky

The distillery is currently the only operational, commercial whisky distillery within Taiwan. With the Distillery being so young, a bold and innovative approach to blending sets them apart from their potentially more established competitors. At this time, the distillery is under the control of Master blender Ian Chang, who is responsible for overseeing the continuous excellence of their nineteen single malt variations. For a Distillery to establish a reputation as prestigious as Kavalan has in such a short amount of time, it is clear they must be delivering in all areas whisky concerned.


Typical of bourbon style whisky, the moment this bottle opens, a sweet aroma will be unleashed into the room. If you bury your nose into the glass, hints of mango, vanilla and nuts will wash over your senses prior to that initial sip. The presence of nutty notes within this tipple is what sets it apart from its predecessors, adding a layer of complexity to every single taste.


Now its tasting time. The malt’s fruity pungent beginnings are developed on with the introduction of a strong oaky taste, a welcome familiarity for any bourbon lover. A spicy kick and the return of mango will be sure to leave your palette more than satisfied.


A medium finish allows you to comfortably enjoy the taste for some time. The unique spices are sure to stay with you throughout.

How to taste the Bourbon Black Range

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Something else from the collection

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