Lagavulin Jazz Festival 70cl

Released annually to coincide with Lagavulin’s ongoing sponsorship of the Islay Jazz Festival, each year a limited number of bottles are released by the distillery. The sponsorship is an acknowledgment to the malt’s roots within the Island of Islay. Owning one of the fifteen hundred limited edition bottles released would make you an exclusive member of a group of true whisky appreciators.

About Lagavulin Distillery

1816 is the date it all started, John Jonston began legally distilling the signature peaty, smokey single malt his brewery is now world famous for. Production took place within the southernmost island of the Inner Hebrides of Scotland for years independently, before being bought by John Logan Mackie in 1862. Mackie and more famously his nephew Sir Peter J.Mackie, were responsible for bringing the malt whisky to the masses and remained prolific figures in the whisky business throughout the 19th century. Since then, the whisky has remained the go to tipple for whisky lovers around the globe due to its distinguished peaty taste, whilst boasting undertones of sherry and vanilla.


A major smokey punch backed up with rich undertones such as blackberries, strawberries, cherries, dark chocolate to name a few. The malt’s traditional sherry cask can be appreciated from the first encounter. Without a doubt, the first whiff of this exclusive malt creates great expectations in terms of complex flavours.


When washing over your palate, the Lagavulin Jazz Festival 1995 is a smooth and creamy ride from start to finish. True to its Scottish heritage, the whisky delivers a peaty flavour with something a bit different in terms of fruitiness. This whisky can be appreciated by those with advanced palates and whisky newcomers alike due to its complex structure. The initial taste of this wee dram has lots to offer in the way of tasting notes.


Finishing tasting notes with this particular tipple are warm and oh so long. It is at this point the complex structure of the whiskey starts to reveal itself, with tasters being left with a lasting mouthful of oak and fruit. At this point a second mouthful is sure to be on its way.

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