Laphroaig 25 Year Old Cask Strength 2015 Edition

Any true lover of single malt whisky knows the name Laphroaig. A whisky that is synonymous with quality and taste and has been since its beginnings. This version in particular was bottled 25 years ago. In that time the complex flavours of smoke and peat have had time to mature into something truly special and distinctive.

Sold in America during the years of prohibition, due to the Surgeon General refusing to believe it could be drunk purely for pleasure, Laphroaig was awarded a Royal Warrant by Prince Charles in 1994. This whisky is now the biggest selling malt from the island of Islay.

About The Laphroaig Distillery

Laphroaig distillery is an Islay single malt distillery. The distillery draws its name from the area of land at the head of Loch Laphroiag on the south coast of the isle of Islay.

The distillery was established in 1815 by Donald and Alexander Johnston. The family anglicised their name to Johnston.The last member of the Johnston family to run the distillery was Ian Hunter, a nephew of Sandy Johnston, who died childless in 1954 and left the distillery to one of his managers, Bessie Williamson.

The original distillery is still operational under the control of Japanese beverage company Suntory Holdings.

Laphroaig has been the only whisky to carry the Royal Warrant of the Prince of Wales, which was awarded in person during a visit to the distillery in 1994. The distillery identifies Charles by his title of Duke of Rothesay, as he is recognised in Scotland. The 15-year-old was reportedly the prince’s favourite Scotch whisky.

The distillery identifies itself as producing the most rich tasting of all scotch whiskies with a very distinctive taste.


The distinctive whiff of malt is sure to take over the pourer’s immediate sense of smell. Salty, honey notes follow up for a delightfully complex body of aromas. The ex bourbon cask provides an intensely rich smell.


Following up on the initial rich aromas, this dram delivers an equally rich taste of treacle. Smokey and candied peels add to the complex palate, providing a range of tastes.


The finish for this whisky is oh so long. The spice and fruit flavour last throughout and are sure to have you reaching for the glass in no time.

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