Old Parr – 1871 Limited Edition 15 year old

This particular dram was featured in the 1001 whiskies you must try before you die book. A limited edition Old Parr that was bottled to celebrate the founding of the Greenlees Brothers company who were the original creators of Old Parr. This 15 year old blend is a limited 1871 edition and will fit in perfectly with any exclusive whisky collection.

Whisky Collectables currently have one bottle of this highly sought after blend on offer, the perfect gift for any true whisky lover.

About Old Parr 

Old Parr was introduced in 1909 by the Greenlees Brothers of London and Glasgow. It supposedly takes its name from the oldest man in Britain- Old Tom Parr. The reason for the name was to reflect the age of the whisky, showing it had aged and matured in a similar fashion to Old Tom Parr.

Following a series of mergers, Greenlees became a part of MacDonald Greenlees & Williams. In 1925, the company was acquired by Distillers Company, which was acquired by Guinness, which merged in 1997 to form Diageo. Diageo is a multinational alcoholic beverage company that similarly owns brands such as Smirnoff, Johnnie Walker and Baileys.

Old Parr is known for its distinctive dimpled and rounded square bottle, and is packaged in a gold cardboard box. The basis of the blend is Cragganmore. Glendullan has been a major component of the blend since World War II.

The brand sold over 1 million cases in 2011, putting it among the top twenty highest selling Scotch whisky brands worldwide.

Old Parr was bottled at Kilmarnock prior to its closure in 2012. Old Parr is currently bottled in Leven, Fife.


A mellow nose with musty aromas of oak fills the nostrils. Malty cereal along with notes of dried fruits such as raisins and sultanas take a hold over the senses. An unusually complex nose for a blend.


A majorly rich palate, malty sweet with undernotes of toffee and again dried fruit such as raisins and sultanas. A welcome spicy flavour adds to the complexity of this particular blend.


The finish for this wee dram is oh so long. The flavours of toffee, fruit and spice linger making this particular scotch a full bodied treat.

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