Paul John Single Cask #570

Paul John Single Cask number 570 is something really special. This single malt is one of only 210 made available, coming from the Indian continent, this malt has travelled a long way for your tasting pleasure. Being part of the single cask range that Paul John has become famous for is an impressive credential for any whisky let alone a bottle as exclusive as this.

Paul John is a respected name in the Indian single malt circuit and has been for a number of years. A marketplace that isn’t obvious to some as a producer of fine malt but is exploited by whisky lovers worldwide for its high level of quality and variety.


About John Distilleries

Paul John is a brand of Indian single malt and single cask whisky manufactured by John Distilleries is based in Bangalore, but its single malt distillery is located in Goa. The distillery has one set of Indian sourced copper pots that produce up to 3000 litres of malt a day. John Distilleries are relatively new to the single malt world, beginning production as late as 2008. Prior to this the distillery exclusively manufactured blended scotch whisky since 1992. When the company decided to branch out and compete in the premium market of single malt whisky, Master Blender Michael John decided to include Ingredients from the whisky’s country of origin India.


Whisky lovers may be scratching their heads wondering how a malt whisky so young can possibly mature to such a premium level. Those unfamiliar with Indian whisky will not be aware of the affect the country’s climate has on the maturation process. Increased temperatures make whisky mature at a much more rapid rate, whisky that can be left for 10- 15 years in Scotland simply would not exist in India due to the rate of evaporation present.  Master Blender Michael John described the process this way “Whisky matured at these temperatures simply cannot be aged for the kind of time expected with Scotch, even trying to mature our whisky for just 10 years would leave barely a bottle of liquid in the barrel. Fortunately, the heat actually speeds up the maturation process considerably. As a result, whisky that has been matured for just 4-5 years – as is the case with Paul John Edited and Brilliance – is equivalent to a Scotch that has been aged for around 15 years.


The first initial whiff of this malt brings with it aromas of plum, apples, blackberries, barley sugar, malt and caramel. Your senses are sure to be overloaded with Indian fruit and spice.


Well balanced on the palate with citrus fruits, the malt and caramel make a triumphant return providing the base of this complex taste profile followed by some more subtle notes of liquorice.


Finishing notes leave you with the taste of citrus fruits lingering in your mouth, the vanilla and caramel notes provide a more than pleasant after taste sure to have you reaching for the glass in no time.

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