Yamazaki Limited Edition 2014

The Yamazaki Distillery is Japan’s first and oldest whisky distillery, originally established in 1923 by the founder Shinjiro Torii. Completely inspired by traditional Scottish whisky, Torii created a Japanese approach which was encouraged further by the Japanese terrain and surroundings.

Other notable additions to the Yamazaki range include the Yamazaki Reserve, Yamazaki 12 years old, Yamazaki 18 years old and the Yamazaki 25 years old. This addition to the range is the perfect collectable released under the brand, leaving you the envy of all your whisky collectable friends.


The Yamazaki Limited Edition 2014 is composed of 3 different single malts. Firstly, a single malt aged 20 years in sherry casks specially used for maturing red wines. Secondly, another single malt that is aged another 20 years in port wine casks is added. Lastly, you have the younger single malt, aged in bourbon barrels.

This composition, although tricky, has been lovingly made by the distillery for whisky aficionados alike.


Upon the first sniff, the nose is quite substantial. You can really smell the woody influence that lingers, even the dryness and the spice can be smelt here. It then evolves into a sweeter, plum-like note. There’s also a grassy hint that can be detected within the brunt of the nose, really binding in all the other elements and marrying them to make a pleasant and exciting scent.


The palate starts off very sharp, especially for a whisky at 43% – Lots of flavour in the first sip. There’s a large oaky taste that we experienced in the nose, which is a slowly building influence. Hints of wine, fresh fruits with plums and even an olive-ish tinge then comes through, adding a pleasant and invigorating touch to the palate.


The finish is very Yamazaki-esque. Dry, lots of oak and even a bourbon finish is experienced. We get that hint of fruits and sherry towards the finish that we also noticed in the palate, giving the finish a delicious and sweet full stop to the perfect blend.

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